Redwing Trading Company is the home of the Original Screwknife and 1911 Screwrench for SASS Cowboy Shooters, owned and operated by Tom and Karen Hewitt of Kimball in far western Nebraska. We began our business in 1991.

Redwing Trading Company is the maker of custom cowboy and mountain man knives, historically correct knives, and our famous Screwknives© and 1911 Screwrenches©.  We also offer antler carved knives of bears, eagles, wolves, and many, many other animals.  We'll try anything!  We offer moose antler carved sculptures of any and all animals, people, etc.  In addition, we have sold several hundred sculptures and painting.  Stone sculptures and oil and acrylic paintings by order only.

Since our beginning in 1991, we have made and sold over 11,000 knives.  We guarantee our knives for the duration of our life, satisfaction guaranteed.  

We are Christians and run our business on honesty, integrity and fairness to customers.  We were chosen as SASS Vendor of the Year in 2008.  Thanks to all of our loyal and supportive customers.

The Redwing Screwknife